Little Blessings Pet Rescue

Rescue and Adoption of Abandoned Pets

Thank you for visiting our site.  We are a small all volunteer organization that networks, rescues, rehabilitates, fosters and places dogs in happy permanent homes.  Many of our dogs are rescued from high kill shelters in Southern California.   Kill shelters, such as San Bernardino City Shelter allow 1-3 days for their dogs to be adopted or rescued.  If the dogs are not fortunate enough to be seen, in a shelter holding hundreds of animals, they are euthanized.  Most are highly adoptable dogs that if given a little more time, they will make wonderful family pets.  That is where we intervene.  We give them that chance. We carefully rescue, vet and quarantine our animals before adoption.  This gives us time to evaluate and get to know the dog's temperament, so we can make a good match.  It also allows the dog a stress free transition.  We have made many happy matches.  Please check our photo album to see our success stories.

The kill shelters are over loaded with adorable, highly adoptable dogs right now.  We can't save them if we have no place to house them. They need your help! Can you be a hero and open your home to a foster dog?    

Maltese 2014 Badge

Meet our darling Lula Belle.  She is a young Yorkie and Cairn Terrier mix.   Next is Ruby, she is a Yorkie mix.  Gracie's story is below.

Gracie's Story:  Gracie was a horribly neglected owner surrender that we took sight unseen.  She was starved and came with a host of medical conditions.  She has a grace 4 heart murmur, double ear infections that have left her deaf, double cataracts, flea infestation that left her bald in spots, parasites, a horribly infected wound and a foxtail that had become infected and needed to be removed from her paw.  She has had all of her medical conditions and flea issues addressed by our vet.  She had a surgery to clean and heal the infection in her leg and remove the foxtail from her paw. We can't wait to get her groomed to show just how cute she is.  She will be looking for her home soon.  She will make a great lap dog for a senior citizen. Donations for her care are greatly appreciated!